Meet our team at Summit Malibu in beautiful Malibu, California where we have experience in treating drug and alcohol addictions, with great success.  We’re with you every step in the process from before and after treatment. Get to know our team below.


Steven Booth

Steve Booth, Chief Financial Officer, and Founder

Steven earned his B.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Economics. Before helping to co-found Summit Malibu Steven worked in both private and public accounting. Like many others, Steven has seen first hand the destruction that addiction can inflict on family and friends. He has also witnessed the extraordinary changes that can be made when addicts receive the necessary treatment.

Medical Team


Clinical Team

Support Staff

Joanna Medina

Scott Naslund, Lead Clinician Assistant

Scott is a graduate of UCLA and has been working at Summit Malibu since its inception. His experience in recovery has been both challenging and rewarding. The challenge has lied in helping people through the throes of addiction by being supportive. The reward from witnessing people heal through Summit’s therapeutic process and rekindle their fire for life. His passion for learning has helped him realize the importance of helping people and the value of sobriety.

Benjamin Hess, Clinician Assistant

Ben is an LA native, growing up on the hard streets of Chatsworth. He is currently working and is almost finished with his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at CSUN. He finds joy in helping out others which he carries out with his work at Summit in hopes of furthering his career in the field

Jeffrey Moreno, Clinician Assistant

Jeffrey is coming up on three years of sobriety in July. He has replaced his old addictions with new ones: exercise and healthy eating. However, he still indulges in his favorite past time, which is a delicious in n out burger. He enjoys helping others who suffer from addiction to find new freedom away from drugs and alcohol.