Summit Malibu Rehab for Addiction

At Summit Malibu Rehab, we believe addiction removes a person from connection to their very essence. It is our mission to heal the wounds that keep our residents trapped in their self-sabotaging behaviors. We realize there are many different theories and definitions of addiction and treatment so we provide everything necessary to heal the Mind, Body, and Soul.

We believe addiction manifests from pain and trauma, but it can be treated and healed. We custom tailor an individualized treatment program for each resident who enters our luxury rehab facility and provide them with the tools they need to establish healthy connections as well as pursue a life with meaning and purpose.

Our inpatient residential program offers detox for those who need it and dual diagnosis treatment for people with a combination of addiction and mental health conditions.

Whether it’s you or your loved one seeking help, Summit Malibu Rehab provides the necessary support and care to guide our residents and their family through this transformative time in their lives.

At our Malibu rehab center, our team of world-class clinicians, doctors, and directors have over 500 years of collective clinical experience, making us poised to welcome residents into the Summit Malibu family.

Our Inpatient Residential Treatment Program in Malibu is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate new residents whenever they are ready to start their journey to sobriety.
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