Traditional treatment centers often address just the physical symptoms of addiction. We believe in holistic addiction treatment that nurtures the mind, body, and soul, providing residents with the tools necessary to navigate through life successfully. Trauma is often the catalyst for those struggling with addiction. Committed to the long-term recovery of our residents, Summit Malibu offers holistic therapy options that treat the root of their addiction in Southern California. We embrace each resident as family and our dedicated, loving staff partners with you during this journey. Through integrating Eastern and Western holistic addiction treatment philosophies, we empower each resident to overcome their past life and transition to the best version of themselves.

What We Do for Our Holistic Addiction Treatment

Our residents are encouraged to take an introspective look at the underlying issues beneath their addictions and co-occurring disorders in the comfort of our warm, nurturing environment. Our program’s holistic therapy efficacy is rooted in our ability to guide residents through their past emotional trauma, allowing them to work through complex issues while developing healthy coping mechanisms to manage unexpected stressors. Above all, we aim to foster a strong sense of self-acceptance and self-worth within our residents, empowering them to develop a lifelong commitment to personal growth and happiness.

At Summit Malibu, we create an individualized treatment plan for residents based on their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs to help them achieve long-lasting sobriety. Our innovative treatment therapies, guided by our team of licensed clinical professionals, assist our residents at getting to the root of their issues. The Summit Malibu team is committed to seeing our residents succeed and work with them every step of the way as they enter this new chapter of their lives.

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