Summit Malibu is a boutique facility known for providing excellent addiction recovery therapeutic activities, and we will remain a boutique facility to provide our residents with an intimate, caring setting that welcomes long-term sobriety. Our family-like environment was designed to serve as an oasis to aid our residents in their pursuit of recovery. Our facilities accommodate no more than six residents at a time to ensure that our staff can provide each resident with the attention they need during this transformative time.

When beginning treatment at Summit Malibu, we emphasize to our residents that addiction treatment starts with self-care and self-love, which is integral to their long-term success. After years of neglecting a consistent self-care routine, it can be challenging for our residents to begin their self-care journey and take the time to identify their true needs. We emphasize to our residents that the addiction treatment journey begins once they make the first step; just one small act of self-care can give us the confidence necessary to see the value in prioritizing ourselves. As part of this belief system, all residents are gifted with a care package that includes a luxurious robe, daily journal, luxury spa products and toiletries, a custom water bottle, an array of healing crystals, and essential oils.

What does self-care mean for you? That answer varies for each resident who enters our rehab center, and our team works with all residents to foster healthy coping mechanisms and self-care rituals that work for them. Summit Malibu partners with numerous local specialists, which allows us to provide spa-like services on site as an a la carte option. Services available include IV vitamin drips, acupuncture, massages, and cupping. For residents seeking additional services outside of our existing offerings, we are happy to accommodate.

Learn more about our rehab center in Los Angeles or our addiction recovery therapeutic activities. Contact us today and we will answer any question you may have. Reach out to us and let the healing begin.

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