When left to its own devices, the human mind can be incredibly noisy. Through living in the past or spending time worrying about the uncertainty of the future, we are no longer able to enjoy the stillness of the present. The inevitability of life’s ups and downs makes it necessary to embrace the joyous moments in life as they occur. The practice of mindfulness therapy keeps the mind fully engaged, allowing our residents to calmly process unfavorable events. Beyond its internal benefits, mindfulness and medication for alcohol recovery has interpersonal benefits as well—through engaging in the moment, our residents are able to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships.

We call mindfulness, a practice because the more frequently we integrate it into our lives, the easier it becomes. When residents experience cravings for their substance of choice, mindfulness can serve as a means of clearing the mind and taking a more rational stance on irrational thoughts. Through putting our residents fully in touch with their bodies and minds, mindfulness meditation allows them to acknowledge their cravings and empowers them to explore what those cravings might mean.

Understanding why a craving has arisen allows our residents to dispute irrational urges and watch them float away, which is why meditation for alcohol recovery is an essential component of our treatment programs at Summit Malibu.

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