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Alcohol Treatment Centers in Los Angeles

Alcohol Treatment Centers in Los Angeles, California

Inpatient Programs for Alcohol Abuse, Detox, and Withdrawal

Longest Running Boutique Treatment Center in Malibu

We have helped people struggling with Alcohol Addiction successfully recover at our Boutique Luxury Malibu Rehab Facility since 2007.

Dual Diagnosis Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Dual Diagnosis Treatment is excellent for Alcohol Addiction combined with Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD, OCD, and more.

Individualized Treatment Plan for Each Person

Our small, intimate setting provides a Personalized Approach with extensive, Individual Therapy Sessions for each client.

Summit Malibu Alcohol Treatment Centers in Los Angeles, California offer residential, inpatient programs for alcohol abuse, detox, and alcohol withdrawal treatment.

Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are among the most serious health problems we face today. Nearly 100,000 people die each year in the United States from alcohol-related issues according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism(NIAAA).

Problem drinking goes by many names such as:

  • Alcoholism
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Alcohol Use Disorder
Alcohol Treatment Centers

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Alcohol Treatment Los Angeles

Whatever name is used, the fact remains that alcohol ranks as the third leading cause of preventable deaths behind only tobacco and poor diet combined with physical inactivity.

The most common direct and indirect causes of death due to alcohol include:

  • Drunk Driving (DUI)
  • Cirrhosis of the Liver
  • Accidents
  • Cancer
  • Stroke

It is often apparent that a person suffers from alcohol addiction when both their mental and physical health suffers as a direct result of their drinking.

People who drink substantial amounts of alcohol are more likely to engage in sexually risky behavior, experiment with other drugs, and experience a decrease in job or scholastic performance.

In addition, excessive or long-term drinking due to alcohol addiction often causes severe social consequences for most people.

Drinking patterns are not the same for every alcoholic. While some people get drunk every day, others binge drink at specific times depending on their emotional state.

It’s quite common for people with mental health issues like depression or PTSD to use alcohol as a way to cope with symptoms.

Others develop mental health conditions as a result of drinking. Addiction and mental illness combined is known as a co-occurring disorder and requires dual diagnosis treatment for successful recovery.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

  • Developing a tolerance to alcohol and being able to drink more than when first started
  • Using alcohol to deal with anxiety, stress, depression, bipolar, PTSD, or other emotional difficulties
  • Blackouts from alcohol
  • Changes in personality or mood
  • Work and family problems
  • Legal troubles such as a DUI
  • Lack of interest in activities that were once a priority
  • Binge drinking
  • Denial that alcohol is a problem
  • Risky or dangerous behavior when drinking
  • Not being able to stop drinking alcohol no matter how much a person tries
  • Experiencing mental and physical withdrawal symptoms when not drinking

These are just some of the common alcohol addiction symptoms most people face. While it can be easy for people to recognize these signs in another person, it can be nearly impossible for a person to realize they have their own problem with drinking.

Too many people wait until life becomes unmanageable or completely out of control before they seek treatment. Unfortunately for many, it takes losing what is most important to them before they even consider getting the help they need to recover.

Causes and Symptoms of Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction is considered a brain disease that needs to be treated like any other disease.

Because everyone is different, it’s difficult to understand why each person develops the disease of alcohol addiction without first performing a proper medical assessment.

There is often a number of causes and contributing factors that lead to alcoholism and alcohol addiction.

3 Leading Causes and Risk Factors for Alcohol Addiction include:

  • Genetic Predisposition
  • Environmental Factors
  • Mental Health Conditions

There is often more than one single reason that causes a person to drink too much or for long periods of time. Effective addiction treatment will identify the reason or reasons and use appropriate therapies to overcome the issues.

Are You Looking for an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center?

Summit Malibu was created by people in recovery for people in recovery. We understand where you are now and how you can recover for lasting change.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Summit Malibu

Summit Malibu Alcohol Treatment Centers provide a holistic environment in a private, luxury residence to heal the Mind, Body, and Soul.

We understand how hard it can be to quit drinking because many of us are in recovery too.

Our facility is the longest running boutique treatment center in Malibu and our goal is to change your life for the better.

We combine our small, intimate setting with a customized treatment approach that includes extensive individual therapy sessions tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our alcohol treatment program begins with an extensive evaluation of each client’s mental and physical health when they enter our luxury facility. This allows us to design a unique and individualized treatment program that is specifically tailored to the personal needs of each client.

Inpatient Alcohol Detox

Many of our clients begin with our inhouse alcohol detox program. After a person stops drinking, alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous if not properly addressed, and many people continue drinking on their own because they are afraid of the withdrawal symptoms.

The Summit Malibu alcohol detox program offers concierge-level monitoring by specially-trained staff and medical professionals who provide the highest quality of care for our clients.

The alcohol detox process can take anywhere from 3 days to a week or longer, especially if a person is experiencing severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms like delirium tremens.

Each person’s comfort and safety is our ultimate priority during detox.

Residential Alcohol Treatment Program

After the alcohol detoxification process has been completed, our clients begin the formal residential alcohol treatment program.

Treatment starts by identifying and addressing all of the negative consequences that a person may be struggling with because of their dependence to alcohol.

We understand that alcohol addiction manifests differently for each individual struggling with the disease. Instead of using the same standardized program for every client, each of our residents receives his or her own personalized treatment plan to follow.

At Summit Malibu, we take pride in making each client feel comfortable enough to be open and honest about discussing any events they may be ashamed of while they were using alcohol. This is an important part of the healing process.

Facing alcohol addiction can be overwhelming, so we help each client face his or her own reality one step at a time.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Therapies

We believe that both individual and group therapies are beneficial for a successful recovery.

All of our addiction therapists use evidence-based treatment modalities that have proven to be effective for alcohol rehab, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Although we utilize a non 12 step rehab approach, we have also found that treating alcohol addiction with holistic therapies and spirituality can also be extremely helpful.

We realized long ago that a complete and integrated mind and body approach is necessary for the healing process.

Summit Malibu residents meet with a yoga instructor three times a week, a spiritualist, and an art therapist that all work in groups, as well as individually with each of our clients.

In addition to overcoming the mental and physical symptoms of alcohol addiction, we help each client piece their life back together, and inspire them to be more confident in facing their life once they leave our treatment program.

Our comprehensive holistic approach has helped many people quit drinking for good, when weekly group meetings or other recovery programs failed.

Summit Malibu’s compassionate and caring staff is available to answer any questions you might have about overcoming your dependence to alcohol.

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