Horses possess a unique emotional intelligence that makes them especially observant and sensitive to negative feelings. Individuals experiencing depression or struggling with substance abuse have a tendency to isolate themselves; horse therapy or equine therapy takes these individuals out of their traditional environment and shows them that healthy interactions with the world around them are possible.

Summit Malibu residents who may initially feel uncomfortable with a traditional therapy setting often find our equine therapy in Malibu to be a safe environment where they can open up and develop trust, both between themselves and their horses as well as between themselves and their therapists. The non-judgmental nature of horses provides residents with an outlet for compassion, aiding them in rebuilding their confidence and silencing self-defeating, negative thoughts. Moreover, studies show that the real benefits of equine therapy extend well beyond the interaction between human and animal.

The skills learned through this unique therapeutic method can help Summit residents struggling with substance abuse have more patience, try new things and for some, feel accepted as a person without negative stigmas tied to their addiction.

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