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The co-occurrence of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD alongside drug or alcohol dependency is called dual diagnosis, and it is crucial that dual diagnosis residents receive exceptional, personalized care. Other facilities may accept dual diagnosis residents without having a staff equipped to handle these complex cases; Summit Malibu’s world-class therapists have decades of experience not only offering drug and alcohol treatment but also many co-occurring disorders that often accompany chemical dependency.

Why is it Important to Address Co-occurring Disorders?

In the field of addiction recovery, acknowledging and treating dual diagnosis during the process of recovery is relatively new. Dual diagnosis is a term describing individuals who experience a mental health disorder coupled with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Both diagnoses play off of one another; often, individuals who struggle with mental health disorders or situational trauma turn to substances as a means of self-medication to temporarily ease the pain they feel within. Though alcohol and drugs may seem like a way to escape from pain and trauma, research shows that they often worsen the symptoms of mental illness.

The best treatment for dual diagnosis is an integrated treatment plan in which a resident receives care for both substance abuse and their diagnosed mental illness. The idea that mental illness cannot be treated until a resident is fully sober is outdated—a successful treatment program requires both issues be addressed. Summit Malibu’s tailored drug and alcohol treatment programs are led by our highly-skilled, credentialed staff who effectively blends mental health care and addiction treatment to support our residents on their road to recovery.

How Does Dual Diagnosis Care Differ?

Summit Malibu’s drug and alcohol treatment program involve developing a carefully-curated plan to target our residents’ chemical and psychological problems, allowing them to heal from within. When attempting to find the root behind their substance abuse, undiagnosed mental health disorders often hinder residents in recovery as their treatment plans do not address all factors contributing to their addiction. Residents who have previously gone through treatment unsuccessfully often feel helpless in their pursuit of sobriety, but the Summit Malibu team is here to assure you that with the right set of tools, recovery is possible. To ensure long-term success, our team acknowledges that there is no one-size-fits-all method for treating a dual diagnosis resident. We develop a bespoke blend of holistic and evidence-based modalities into a treatment plan for each resident we welcome into the program.

Need Help Seeking Treatment in Malibu?

We understand that seeking treatment can be a challenging decision to come to, and the Summit Malibu family wants you to know that we are here to walk beside you on this journey. Often those struggling with addiction use substances as coping mechanisms. It can be challenging to make sense of the fact that a coping mechanism that once seemed to mask the pain is, in fact, detrimental. The process of recovery can feel daunting, but the loving staff of addiction specialists at Summit Malibu are here to reintroduce you to your freest, most authentic self.

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