Summit Malibu’s Detox Treatment Program

Summit Malibu is not only an industry-leading drug and alcohol treatment facility; it is also home to one of the best detox treatment centers in California. Our drug and alcohol detox programs provide concierge-level monitoring by highly trained staff and medical professionals. We offer detoxification services as a comfortable option for residents who have been abusing alcohol and other substances. Detox is specifically required for Summit Malibu residents who are using Benzodiazepines or consuming high quantities of alcohol; withdrawal from these substances can be deadly if not properly monitored by a physician.

Summit Malibu’s staff is readily available to connect with individuals seeking to learn more about the process at our safe, private facility. We will determine with you an effective, yet comfortable, individualized treatment plan for detoxification.

What is Detox?

People suffering from substance abuse or addiction may require detox, which is the period in which the body must once again become accustomed to functioning without an illicit substance.

When a person habitually uses a drug or consumes alcohol, one builds tolerance and must consume higher quantities to reach the same level of euphoria. Through elevated use over a duration of time, the body becomes physically dependent on said substance. When a person abruptly stops using these substances, the body will suffer from withdrawal. Typical withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and in extreme cases, can be lethal. Detoxification is always recommended under the care of a physician and trained support staff who can monitor the resident 24 hours a day. We believe this medically-supervised environment provides the residents with the ability to transition into the next phase of treatment safely.

Why Detox at Summit Malibu?

Summit Malibu stands out for our staff’s extensive experience in safely guiding residents to sobriety as well as our facility’s unmatched comfort and beachfront views. As our residents experience the difficult symptoms of withdrawal, we keep them comfortable, relaxed, and at ease, amidst the rich setting of our luxury treatment center. Our on-site physicians incorporate Eastern and Western medical philosophies to ease the symptoms during detox. Our medical team, which includes a physician and psychiatrist, are available at all hours to assess and monitor our residents.

Detox is often an unavoidable part of the recovery process. If you are looking for detox treatments in Malibu contact us! At Summit Malibu’s drug and alcohol treatment center, we will hold your hand throughout the detoxification process and ensure detox is as swift and comfortable as possible so that you can begin a new, healthy life.

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