Sound bath therapy, also known as sound healing therapy, is a holistic form of mental health and addiction treatment that uses the deep vibration of sound to promote relaxation such as from a gong. Research has shown that the effects of sound healing have been remarkable on those struggling with addiction as well as mental health disorders. A sound bath is a common method of sound therapy, which we frequently use as part of the meditative practice at Summit Malibu.

The practice of a sound bath often involves inviting residents to lay on a mat in a comfortable position as various instruments are used to create vibrational healing sounds. Through focusing solely on sound, a sound bath provides sensory relaxation that draws participants into a meditative state. For those who struggle with actively quieting the mind, the passivity of a sound bath requires less discipline and can effectively provide the same benefits as traditional meditation.

Like all forms of meditation, the goal of a sound bath therapy is to expand consciousness and allow our residents to look within. Through tuning into their higher selves, they are able to better process previously unsolvable issues.

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