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There is no strict definition or set of characteristics for “a family.” A family can be young or old, big or small, blended, fostered, adopted, or adapted. A family can also be weak or strong, but sometimes it needs a guide to help family members identify their strengths and weaknesses, their current abilities, and areas that need improvement. Strategic Family Therapy, or SFT, can help families get back on the road to a supportive and
Music is everywhere. We listen to it at home, in our cars, and at work. Music travels well on devices, so we never have to be without it. Music is as varied as the flowers and as accessible as the air, so it is no wonder that it has long been considered therapeutic, both physically and emotionally. The Power of Music Plato believed that music was a good treatment for anxiety. Aristotle believed in its
The symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders can be challenging to deal with. Sufferers often turn to drugs and alcohol to help numb the pain or pretend that the mental health issue isn’t there. Quite often, the more serious the disorder, the more severe the abuse. Unfortunately, this creates a snowball effect wherein the substance amplifies the negative symptoms, and even more, the substance is necessary to temper the symptoms of the
When you are struggling with anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other mental health issues, you may feel out of control. Summit Malibu can help you with your disorder diagnosis, while also providing tips on coping with emotional and mental health problems. It is not about making the problems go away but learning how to react to them in a positive way. Aim For Contentment Sometimes the problem is that people set their mental health
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The slippery slope on the way to hitting rock bottom is different for every person; some go quickly on a steep and slick slope, other substance abusers reach rock bottom more slowly on a steady even grade. And since there is no single definition of or level at which you hit rock bottom, how do you know you’re there? Let’s talk about rock bottom, the anxiety, and depression that accompanies it, the hazards of the