Summit Malibu’s individualized addiction therapy style utilizes a variety of therapeutic modalities to aid our residents in changing their behaviors and identifying the underlying causes of their addiction. Individuals who are uneasy about embarking upon this therapy process can rest assured that our approach is calm, welcoming, and confidential. Often the pain of past traumas is deep-rooted and requires residents to have a strong rapport with their therapists to identify the underlying causes behind their addictive behavior.

In order to foster a close bond between resident and therapist, each resident at Summit Malibu attends a minimum of four individual addiction therapy sessions per week and residents can have access to additional therapy sessions as needed to ensure a high level of care and see the benefits of individual therapy for addiction.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to our methodology; we work with each individual who enters the Summit Malibu family to develop an individual addiction treatment therapy program that addresses their unique needs which in the long end offers several benefits.

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