My experience at Summit Malibu started at the LAX airport. When I arrived after a long flight from the east coast, I was introduced to a Summit Malibu tech waiting for me. The introduction was warm and welcoming and exactly what was needed. Walking up the stairs to begin my intake process was terrifying, but the staff was so welcoming, they made it easy and comfortable. Summit Malibu was where I was given the opportunity to build a solid foundation to start my recovery journey. I was not forced to participate in my recovery, I was encouraged. I was given tools that I still use to this day. I was introduced to different recovery modules which allowed me to choose the path I wanted to take. Over three years later, I continue to use the principals in my sobriety and in my life which were taught to me at Summit. Without Summit, I do not believe I would have had to opportunity to walk through my trauma and my past, which was fundamental to my journey. The staff, the experience, and the clinical treatment given allowed me to build a life beyond my wildest dreams. I am beyond grateful for the experience I had at Summit Malibu and am proud that my journey started there. Thank you!


The staff is very special. The facility is beautiful and the energy is positive. This is the best treatment center I’ve ever been to. The therapists are talented and really care about the clients. They individualize everyone’s treatment and accept dogs which is not always the case at different rehabs. I love Summit Malibu.


This is a very special place. My time in treatment here was 30 days, with a few additional days added to help find and transition to a sober living near my home group in west LA. The clinical team proved very well equipped to help with early sobriety, the location and facility beautiful– if you are looking for security and seclusion with access to local recovery, this is the right place.


Loving kindness, this is my first thought when I think of Summit Malibu. Of course, the clinical therapy groups, the extensive one on one sessions with my therapist and psychiatrist, twelve-step meetings, the yoga, beach trips, hiking, and close-knit community were foundations of my spiritual growth along the path to a sober and full life, but what I will never forget is the loving-kindness. I felt it the moment I walked in the door. The wonderful people who make Summit so special, loved me when I couldn’t love myself and that made all the difference.


I was taken care of in the utmost professional manner. Detox was pretty painful but Summit went to great lengths to make my stay as comfortable as possible. The facilities and food were outstanding. What stood out to me was the staff. Extremely professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Summit Malibu to anyone that was in need of treatment.


Summit Malibu helped me learn how to live a happy and fulfilling life 100% sober. The staff and extremely qualified therapists taught me how to cope during the first months of sobriety, but they also gave me a solid foundation on which to grow as a person in recovery. The owner still checks in with me every now and then, and I can tell he really cares. I’ll be forever grateful to Summit, and will always consider it a second home. I’ve been sober for over four years now and I’ve never been happier.


As a professional working in the recovery industry for many years finding clients the appropriate treatment, one learns which places are good, which are great, and sadly the many that are useless, and some that are actually dangerous. You get to see who walks their talk and see which places get results from clients. With all that knowledge… when I relapsed, I picked my favorite place out there, Summit Malibu. Need I say more?


For years my disease kept me feeling incredibly isolated and alone that when I arrived at Summit it was like a breath of fresh air. Not only are the facilities beautiful, but the staff is so warm and friendly they truly make you feel like family. The one on one therapy I received while at Summit was life-changing. My therapist made me feel safe, seen, and heard which made it possible for me to do the really hard work on myself and truly heal. If that’s not enough, the food is amazing as well.


This beautiful place holds such a dear place in my heart. It’s where I got the help I needed. Amazing staff that cares. The chef, mark, is a true artist, some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. The therapists did wonders with me. The staff overall is very caring, respectful and sensitive to your needs. The owner, Willie is great too. It is apparent that he cares about what he’s doing. I would recommend Summit to anyone. They have become family.


It seems only fitting that my first review be Dedicated to the People and Place that So Lovingly with Care and Respect, were (and continue to be) Paramount: in Saving My Life, Helping Me to Repair the Past (literally, emotionally and mentally), and Changing my Outlook and Perception of the Present and Future in My Recovery. The Primary Therapists, Lead Clinicians, Group Facilitators, Directors, and Assistants ALL Bring an AAA+++ Professionalism that was and Continues to Remain Personal to Me. I Truly Feel as if Summit is My Very Own Treatment Center, Designed Specifically For My Needs. Summit Malibu Thank You! I Am Alive and Living Happily Because of You!!!!


You are truly lucky if you have the opportunity to visit this residential treatment facility. The grounds are gorgeous — stunning ocean view right in the heart of Malibu and private and shared bedrooms with every modern convenience. The staff ensures your every need is met as you relax and get the help you need for a full recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. This is a 28-day program where you receive four 1-hour private therapy sessions a week, along with multiple group therapy sessions daily – 6 days a week (Sunday there are no groups). You don’t have to worry about preparing your own food – as there is an in-house chef that prepares more food than you can imagine. At least 2 main courses for every meal along with plenty of plant-based and healthy options (I am not one who will eat just anything and the food far surpassed all my expectations). You will also have access to a gym 7 days a week as well as optional yoga a la carte if you happen to be a yogi or are interested in seeing what yoga might add to your life – give this a try! This is a privately owned facility by owners that truly care and are actively involved in the day-to-day operations. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Hope this helps!


Summit Malibu saved my life! Before going to treatment, I was depressed, lonely and just wanted to die because I couldn’t picture a life without substances. From the beginning, the staff treated me like a human being and showed so much respect. The community that Summit has created is like no other. I will forever be grateful for the people I have met and for the things I learned while at Summit.


Incredible client care with a well-trained, professional yet approachable staff. Having had some years sober, I was extremely reluctant to go to rehab after my extended relapse. I thought it wasn’t for me, and I could stay sober on my own. At the urging of my family and through a friend, I contacted Summit. Willie and the entire Summit staff took care of me from the moment I arrived. I could finally focus on my recovery with much-needed care and support. Thank you Summit!! I will remain a lifelong fan.


February 14, 2018, I arrived for treatment at this beautiful, special place. The staff is welcoming and attentive. Everyone you need is here so you don’t have to go out for treatment. It’s so easy to speak with your therapist when they’re on site.

I’m happily sober today thanks to my program at The Summit in Malibu.
I highly recommend coming here and their team will work with you towards good health and a new life.


This is a place of safety and support. The staff, techs, clinicians, and operators, everyone involved provide you with the care, treatment, and tools necessary to succeed. It is a group effort in a comfortable environment that eliminates the most stressors possible to allow one to truly focus on themselves and effectively address the roots of their issues. You get out of it whatever you put into it. It’s a place of learning and practice with knowledgeable, well-educated, and enlightening staff and clinicians. This place saved my life. As soon as I arrived I felt safe and like I could finally breathe. I cannot thank every single member of the Summit team enough, including all the amazingly delicious gourmet meals prepared for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by a professional chef (he also takes requests and makes great smoothies). I can assure you that you will be well taken care of by a team that genuinely and sincerely care about your well-being and success. These are people you’ll want to stay in touch with afterward.


I give Summit Malibu the highest possible rating. A close family member has been in treatment there for several weeks. We could not be more impressed with the treatment, the personnel, and the facility. He has been in several other facilities, which were not able to reach him. At Summit Malibu, the medical staff has worked in an individualized setting in ways that motivated him to begin real healing. It is not an exaggeration to say that they have saved him. It is a super, caring, effective facility…


My treatment at Summit Malibu was very helpful. The therapist and the staff were very helpful and caring. I really enjoyed going to the groups because it helped me open up and let out a lot of issues that I was facing for many years. Summit’s beautiful house and scenery gave me a positive feeling of relaxation while fighting my addiction. I felt like I could always go to someone if I had any issues or concerns. The activities that we did on-site and off-site were so amazing. I got back into shape at the gym and the yoga classes were so fun! Overall my treatment at Summit Malibu was everything I prayed for because fighting addiction was the hardest thing in life for me.


I came to Summit as a broken woman. I had been through treatment many times with little success of staying sober.

When I came into sober I was angry, sad, helpless and broken. Drugs and alcohol once were my best friend and solution to all my pain. Then one day it wasn’t. I had lost my children and I was facing a DUI.

Summit was a family and the first place I truly felt was my home. The staff truly care about you from the techs to the counselors. You will leave Summit with not only a whole new appreciation for your life but make long-lasting friendships.

If your hopeless and ready to get rid of this addiction that has plagued you for so long I highly recommend summit. I can only speak from my experience and without summit I wouldn’t be sober today!!


I was very lost before walking through the doors of this treatment center and from the moment I walked in I felt a sense of belonging. It felt like home and the staff held my hand through the most trying moments. I would recommend Summit Malibu over and over again. I received amazing care and was able to start my life over. I can’t thank everyone enough!!


I spent 90 days at Summit Malibu and it saved my life, literally. I am so grateful for this place. The intensive individual therapy helped me to actually deal with all the things that I had been shoving down for so long, and I was able to get to the root of my true problems and traumas, and then process and heal.

Yes, there were minor things that I didn’t like, but looking back at them, most of them were stupid, and all of them taught me a thing or two about relinquishing control, letting go, and radically accepting.&

I felt safe at Summit, and the family-like community helped show me love, and in turn, with the work, I learned little by little how to love myself.


The treatment I received from Summit was beyond incredible. The staff made me feel cared for, comfortable, and safe while in the most vulnerable state of life. With their help and guidance, I was able to discover myself again and became equipped with the tools necessary to succeed in my recovery. Summit is not just a treatment center, it’s a family that I will always be grateful for.


My substance use hit me with a major wake up call, and let me know it was time to address a wide range of challenges that led to it. When looking for a facility, I hoped to find a place that would be peaceful, inspiring and personal. I wanted to be able to focus on healing the whole mind and body — therapy, rest, food, exercise and ending substance abuse. I wasn’t looking for a place to only detox and learn to stop using, I wanted to understand what led me to that in the first place and address the issue at the root. The program at Summit was the best fit for me, and I came to learn that the staff made this facility a perfect fit. They integrated many mental and physical elements to heal, as well as working with things I needed in my schedule. Best of all is that everyone here was compassionate and genuine, making me feel connected versus feeling like a patient. I’d highly recommend Summit to anyone looking to put in the work to get yourself on the path you know you can take.