Addiction nutrition is a crucial part of the detoxification and rehabilitation process. A healthy, nutritious diet for addiction recovery promotes healing within the body, repairs damage caused by substance abuse, and encourages long-term sobriety. Our renowned culinary staff incorporates organic ingredients fresh from the garden at Summit Malibu, which is lovingly tended to by our residents partaking in horticulture therapy. The meals we serve have a delicious homestyle taste, so residents are both comforted and nourished by the foods they eat. A well-balanced diet also contributes to the emotional stability of our residents. Research suggests that changes in your diet can alter brain structure, both chemically and physiologically, and influence your behavior.

Through acknowledging the link between nutrition and addiction recovery, our menus are carefully curated to incorporate nutritionally sound meals that include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Aside from the three meals freshly prepared for our residents each day, snacks are available in our fully-stocked kitchen.

Summit Malibu offers individualized meal options to support our residents in the process of recovery and accommodates any dietary restrictions they may have.

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Organic Cuisine and Wellness Shots