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Substance Abuse Treatment Modalities & Models

Summit Malibu’s addiction treatment programs are created to heal our resident’s mind, body, and soul. By employing a holistic approach to recovery that treats the whole individual, our loving staff will help you develop the tools required to overcome your addiction and sustain long-term recovery.

We are dedicated to putting a tailored treatment plan together for each resident who joins the Summit Malibu family. Admission begins with a comprehensive assessment of each new resident in a comfortable, confidential environment. Each customized treatment plan blends traditional western therapeutic philosophies with an eastern approach to wellness to address the unique needs of each resident.

Some of the dynamic therapeutic methods we offer include art therapy, music therapy, horticulture therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, psychodrama, and more. Each resident’s treatment program is monitored and adjusted as needed throughout their stay at Summit Malibu.

Learn more about our services below:

Our individualized addiction treatment therapy style utilizes a variety of therapeutic methods that benefits all residents to overcome addiction. Learn more today!

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy for addiction is an integral component of the Summit Malibu treatment program. Here are some of the benefits and types of daily sessions.

Group Therapy

Art therapy is a creative outlet for our residents to explore & process issues they don’t feel comfortable verbalizing. Learn more about our art therapy programs today!

Art Therapy

Having spirituality in the addiction recovery process is very beneficial. Spiritually and recovery work as a key role in our treatment programs. Learn more today!

Spiritual Practices

Sound healing therapy is very helpful for addiction recovery. Sound bath therapy is a form of mental health & addiction treatment, give us a call to learn more!

Sound Bath

At Summit Malibu, we offer a wide range of addiction recovery therapeutic activities in California. Learn more about our wonderful activities we offer!


Having a good diet for addiction recovery is important. Nutrition & addiction recovery affects you more than you’d think. Learn more about nutrition and addiction.


Our psychodrama therapy in Malibu groups involve the reenactment of past events, present issues, and future goals to assist residents in processing thoughts. By allowing participants to role-play, residents are presented with a fresh perspective and insight into solving problems.

Psychodrama Therapy

For our residents at our treatment center we like to use music therapy. This helps with depression and anxiety for individuals who are getting over addiction.

Music & Mood Therapy

The EMDR therapy we offer in Malibu, CA can be helpful for mental health and part of the addiction recovery journey. Learn more about our EMDR treatments!


Equine therapy or horse therapy is very beneficial in the drug or alcohol recovery process. Click to learn more about our equine therapy in Malibu, CA today!

Equine Therapy

Our program horticultural therapy encourages residents to reconnect with nature. Studies show that spending time in nature reduces stress and can even have an anti-inflammatory effect. Learn more about our garden therapy in Malibu, CA

Horticulture Group Therapy

Acupuncture for addiction treatment and other mental health disorders is recommended by the World Health Organization for its therapeutic effectiveness. It works especially well as a complementary approach when combined with other therapies.


Vitamin Drip Therapy
Summit Malibu offers Vitamin Drip Therapy for our inpatient detox treatment program because it is an extremely effective way to replenish vital nutrients that are lost due to substance use addiction.

Vitamin Drip Therapy

Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care for addiction recovery is a unique therapeutic approach that addresses physical imbalances within the body to promote overall health and well-being.

Chiropractic Care

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