The Importance of Fitness Therapy in Addiction Recovery

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Using drugs and alcohol can impact both your body and mind, changing your body’s chemistry. This is often what makes addiction recovery so arduous. You are going to want every tool you can possibly use to help you on your journey to recovery.

One of the best tools that can help with addiction recovery is physical fitness exercises. Exercise brings plenty of benefits that can help both your body and mind. Continue reading to learn more about how fitness therapy can help addiction recovery.

Helps Both Body and Mind

There have been countless studies throughout the years that show how exercise brings numerous physical benefits to those who exercise regularly, including increased cardiometabolic health, increased immune system, and perhaps even cancer prevention.

In addition, exercise has been shown to help improve one’s mood. This is significant as mood changes can frequently occur during the recovery process and be quite severe. According to the Mayo Clinic, just 30 minutes of exercise can be enough to affect a positive mood.

Distracts from Substance Use

Perhaps the greatest incentive to begin an exercise regimen is that exercise can help prevent future substance use. There have been several studies that suggest regular exercise can help increase the abstinence rate for substance abuse by up to 95%. These studies also suggest that exercise can help with stress management as well as depression and anxiety.

Summit Malibu Fitness Therapy

At Summit Malibu, we’ve seen how physical exercise can be an ally to those on the road to recovery. We offer a wide range of fitness therapy exercises that allow residents of all fitness levels to participate.

To learn more about our fitness therapy program or how we can help you or a loved one begin the journey to addiction recovery, contact us today.

Summit Malibu

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