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Trauma and How Therapy Can Help

Posted on February 7, 2019

Traumatic events can happen to anyone and there could be numerous causes behind the trauma. These deeply disturbing events can severely impact the lives of affected individuals and their loved ones. In order to overcome trauma and find healing and peace, one must first know what trauma is. What Is Trauma? Trauma can be defined as a deeply distressing event that disrupts physical, mental, or emotional well-being in someone’s life. A traumatic event can severely
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Healthy relationships take work and dedication in all situations. When you or a loved one are going through recovery, relationships need healthy doses of honesty and openness to survive and maintain integrity. If you are the one going through recovery, it is important for you to recognize your needs and put yourself first, while also acknowledging the feelings of those who surround you. What To Watch For When you have made that very important and

How Exercise Helps Addiction Recovery

Posted on January 21, 2019

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The road to addiction recovery is lined with peaks and valleys, but when you follow that path by combining physical exercise and addiction recovery, your journey will not only lead to sobriety but will also include a new healthy lifestyle. Nutrition and exercise in addiction recovery can ease the complications that may arise and help your recovery become a permanent reality. How Does Exercise Help Addiction Recovery? When you exercise vigorously, your body produces endorphins
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Signs of Alcohol Dependence

Posted on January 14, 2019

The legality and prevalence of alcohol can make it troublesome to identify the signs of alcohol dependency in yourself or a loved one. Alcohol addiction in itself is harmful and can lead to much more life-threatening illnesses like cirrhosis of the liver or even cancer. If you are concerned that someone’s drinking is becoming a problem, look for these alcohol addiction symptoms. Emotional and Psychological Signs of Alcohol Dependency Oftentimes there are emotional reasons a
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Drug and alcohol addiction is a condition that can happen to anyone for a number of reasons. At times it can be difficult to determine if there is a problem. If you are concerned about a drug or alcohol problem, look for these physical signs of drug addiction in others or yourself. Physical Signs of Drug Addiction Drugs and alcohol are toxins, so your body will physically illustrate their use. Observe your loved one and
Willie Oswald, founder of Summit Malibu, talks about meaning and purpose in recovery. Check out the latest episode of Sobering Up Summit Malibu to watch. Program coordinator, Kristin Robert, interviews Willie at the newest Summit house, Summit Vista. Willie shares his experience, strength, and hope in this chat. He also discusses how he ended up working in the field of recovery. As well as the meaning and purpose that he has found in this field.
Sam Morrow, our Admissions Coordinator, and a musician in recovery shares his story in the second episode of Sobering Up Summit Malibu. Sam talks about what music means to him and how it defines a lot of his life. Sam also talks about his addiction, and how recovery has changed his life. This episode shows how he both music and recovery are paramount aspects of the life he leads today. We are luck to have

Getting Back to Wellbeing

Posted on August 4, 2016

Wellbeing in action. Finding a Healthy Lifestyle What happens in a luxury rehab can set the tools for a balanced life. The tools that are learned and the way of life that is set forth in this setting are things that anyone could use to improve their own lifestyle and well-being. These are skills that benefit an entire life. They are for more than the time in treatment. The time that is being focused on beginning recovery and
Enabling a loved one is very easy to do, and often times it happens without even realizing it. This is because the behaviors feel so much like help. Anyone who loves someone with a substance abuse problem does not want to see them suffer. They do not want to see them in pain, or to walk through the perils of addiction and the shattering effects that it has on their livelihood, their family, and their
It is easy to get caught up in the bustle of life and to stop doing the the things needed to maintain healthy balance. Once off kilter it is so easy to fall into the traps of our negative behaviors, and for addicts and alcoholics that often means falling back into the throes of their addiction. Relapse really starts before the actual drink or drugging. It shows its’ glaring face in other aspects of life