How To Have a Healthy Relationship While Going Through Recovery

Healthy relationships take work and dedication in all situations. When you or a loved one are going through recovery, relationships need healthy doses of honesty and openness to survive and maintain integrity. If you are the one going through recovery, it is important for you to recognize your needs and put yourself first, while also acknowledging the feelings of those who surround you.

What To Watch For

When you have made that very important and brave decision to lead a life of sobriety, you will need to be cognizant of your lifestyle and those with whom you surround yourself. If people in your life draw you into a downward spiral of negative thoughts and/or activities, it may be time to distance yourself from them.

When starting a new relationship, be upfront with that person. Explain right from the start that you do not drink or use other drugs. It is up to you how much detail you share, but ultimately that is all they need to know. If they are right for you, they will accept it without question, or their questions will be supportive, not damaging.

How To Help Yourself Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Self-actualization is a big component of recovery. You will need to be aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your reactions to people and things. It is important to review your triggers. If you are staying away from alcohol and suddenly find yourself desperately wanting a drink, take time for yourself to review what may have triggered this response. Was it something someone said or did? Is it a certain location or social situation? Understanding your reactions will help you mold your life to better suit your new healthier lifestyle.

If you feel yourself getting anxious or frustrated, there are a number of things you can do to deescalate the situation. If you are struggling with how to have a healthy relationship, try these techniques for yourself:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Me time
  • Open communication with your partner

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