A Helpful Guide to Sound Bath Healing and How It Helps to Get over Addictions

sound bath meditation

Addiction in any form can have devastating consequences for families and individuals. Thanks to various forms of therapy, addiction can be mastered, its grip loosened to the point where the individuals suffering from it can experience new levels of freedom and independence.

We offer a range of treatments at Summit Malibu that are tried, tested, and produce results. Sound bath healing, or sound bath meditation, is one of those treatment options.

What Is Sound Bath Meditation?

Sound bath meditation uses sound to enhance relaxation and promote meditation. Patients will often lay on the floor on yoga mats or the like as the facilitator plays repetitive music on various instruments (including things such as a gong, chimes, singing bowls, or tuning forks).

The therapy sessions usually last around an hour, and work exceptionally well, especially when paired with other types of treatment and therapies.

How Does Sound Bath Healing Help People with Addictions?

The repetitive nature of sound bath healing helps focus and ground patients. The practice has been known to accomplish the following:

  • Create a sense of wholeness in the body
  • Stimulate brain waves, leading to greater internal peace and ease
  • Counteract stress or anxiety
  • Promote physical and mental relaxation
  • Reduce tension in the body

Often patients with addictions are experiencing pain or stress mentally and physically. Sound bath healing works to ease and soothe the mind and the body, with the ultimate goal being to give patients the ability to deal with their addictions calmly and rationally.

Contact us at Summit Malibu today if you think sound bath meditation could be a good solution for you or a loved one struggling with addiction.

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