5 Tips on How to Help an Alcoholic Family Member

How to help an alcoholic

Alcoholism. Alcohol use disorder. Substance use disorder. Alcohol dependence. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it is a tough row to hoe. Sometimes family members can feel as lost and confused as those struggling with the addiction and other accompanying disorders. Here are five tips on how to help an alcoholic family member.

1. Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand

Do not pretend the problem does not exist. Do not make excuses for them. Do not hide the problem from others. This is just enabling them to continue their destructive behavior. Acknowledge that the family member has a problem and figure out ways to help support them.

2. Show Concern, Not Judgment

Practice what you will say to them so that you are using positive encouragement rather than negative condemnation. Be supportive and show that you want to help them and not judge them. Most alcoholics find comfort in alcohol, this means they may need other forms of support. Be supportive and look for ways to help them in their time of need. 

3. Practice Self-Care

Make sure that you are putting your health and welfare first. You cannot care for someone else if you are not well yourself. Find ways to improve your social, mental, and physical well-being before you try to help others. 

4. Do Your Research

To be as prepared as possible, find out as much as you can about:

5. Seek Professional Help

You may need to hold an intervention. It is strongly recommended that you have an addiction specialist guide you through this process. It is very important to:

  • Gather your intervention team carefully
  • Engage them in conversation or intervention when they are sober
  • Have specific details and examples ready to illustrate need and concern
  • Stay strong, persistent, and consistent
  • Discuss and finalize options available to them, and be firm
  • Establish consequences if their post-intervention decisions and actions

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