We believe in using creative and experiential approaches to work through interpersonal conflict. Our psychodrama groups involve the reenactment of past events, present issues, and future goals to assist residents in processing underlying feelings, beliefs, and thoughts. By allowing each participant to role-play with peers, residents are presented with a fresh perspective and insight into solving problems.

The core element of this form of therapy is the fact that dramas unfold in unpredictable ways, which allows Summit Malibu residents to develop healthy coping skills to address unforeseeable issues they may face upon completion of their treatment program. Studies have shown psychodrama therapy can improve neuronal functioning within the prefrontal cortex. Enhanced activity within this brain region significantly increases problem-solving abilities, the development of new skills, and the ability to control behavior and habits.

Psychodrama therapy has been proven to provide residents with a powerful alternative to traditional talk therapy.

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