Creating a Healthy Routine when Times are Tough

There are times when life gets hard, and everything seems to be going wrong. It often makes people feel overwhelmed and hopeless. This is particularly true of those suffering from addiction.

But, there are some tools that you can use to make things feel better, and help you to get through the rough times.

Summit’s Clinical Director, Kim Chronister, PsyD, was featured in this article for Bustle, higlighting some great tools to use to turn the tough patches of life around.

The tools include:

Try Something New

Set Intentions Every Morning

Get To Cleanin’

Do The Thing That Scares You

Build Up From Small Changes

Force Yourself To Have Fun

Go Hang Out With Cool People

Fake A Better Attitude

Take Some Time To Assess

Have Yourself A Good Cry

Be All About The Lists

Make A Plan To Reach Your Goals

Remember You Aren’t Alone


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13 Ways to Fix Your Life, When it Feels Like Everything is Going Wrong

Stop Worring, Calm Anxiety, and Feel More Relaxed

Worry and anxiety can be overwhelming, especially early in recovery from drugs and alcohol. There are ways to ease these feelings and get emotions under control, starting with mindfulness. Some tools that can bring calmness and ease into life include:

Engage In Mindfulness

Embrace Uncertainty

Challenge Your Dichotomous Thinking

Reframe Negative Self-Talk

Challenge Irrational Beliefs

Eat Healthy

Incorporate Relaxation Techniques

Write Your Worries Down

Focus On Something You Can Control

Practice Questioning Your Thoughts

Pretend You’re Relaxed

To learn more about these tools and how to use them please check out this article:

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