Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment


Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Summit Malibu’s Residential Program includes initial medical and psychiatric stabilization, medically supervised detoxification when necessary, and the design and implementation of the primary 30-45 day treatment program.

The goal of our Malibu residential drug and alcohol treatment program is to design and implement an initial treatment plan created specifically for the client. During this phase, the staff will work with the client to analyze the scope of the client’s problems and identify the focus of care to be administered. The treatment plan is monitored and adjusted throughout the treatment program based on the individual needs of each client.

Our residential program may include any or all of the following:

  •       Complete medical and psychiatric assessment.
  •       Detoxification (detox) if indicated.
  •       Weekly medical/psychiatric evaluations.
  •       Dialectical Behavioral Therapy DBT).
  •       Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).
  •       Brief Strategic Family Therapy.
  •       Life Skills and Effective Communication Training.
  •       Relapse Prevention Counseling.
  •       Educational and Experiential Groups.
  •       Optional Yoga, Spirituality, Boxing, and  12 step Groups.

Summit Malibu believes that a well-planned and well-focused Residential Program can interrupt the cycle of addiction and provide a solid foundation for building a new and fulfilling life free from addiction. Though our Residential Program has proven effective for many clients, we recognize that every treatment plan is unique to the individual and some clients may benefit from a longer program..