Dual Diagnosis Treatment


At least half of all people afflicted with a mental health issue are also abusing drugs and/or alcohol, according to the National Allegiance of Mental Illness. The occurrence of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD alongside drug or alcohol dependency is called dual diagnosis, and it is crucial that dual diagnosis clients received specialized care.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Other California facilities may accept dual diagnosis patients but their staff is not trained or experienced with these complex cases like a true dual diagnosis treatment center. Summit Malibu’s world-class therapists have decades of experiences treating the many dual diagnosis/co-occuring disorders that often accompany chemical dependency.

Why is it Important to Address Co-occuring Disorders?

In the field of addiction recovery, dual diagnosis is relatively new. Previously, many chemically dependent people with diagnosed disorders or symptoms were required to get sober before they could receive treatment for other issues. This was highly detrimental, as substance abuse is often derived from an underlying psychiatric issue, meaning that recovery was not possible while the co-ocurring issue went untreated. The best approach is to treat both conditions at the same time, helping clients heal their whole persons.

Summit Malibu is a top dual diagnosis center in California, because our credentialed staff effectively blends mental health care and substance abuse treatment to our clients’ benefit.

How Does Dual Diagnosis Care Differ?

If you are aware that the person seeking treatment has been diagnosed with another disorder or if they exhibit signs of another disorder, it’s critical to get help from a center qualified to treat dual diagnosis. There is no one-size-fits-all method of treating a dual diagnosis client. These complex cases should each be dealt with by a qualified psychiatrist, physician, psychologist or therapist to ensure an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

At Summit Malibu, our therapy team will reviews each client’s psychiatric history and substance abuse patterns to create a personalized recovery plan that treats the mental health and substance abuse issues simultaneously.

Helping Seeking Treatment

It may be more challenging to help people who have a dual diagnosis get the treatment they need, but it can be done. We are here to help. Mental illness can cloud or alter thoughts and perceptions, and your loved one may not understand the severity of his or her situation. Depression and other disorders can make people feel like the treatment isn’t worth it, although, of course, it is. Everyone deserves a healthy, happy life free of the chains of addiction. Contact our expert dual diagnosis treatment center today if you or someone you love may be suffering from substance abuse coupled with another disorder.