Summit Malibu is located on nearly three acres of private land. It sits one full mile inside a private gated residence surrounded on three sides by wild hills and on the fourth side by a beautiful ocean view.

Many other residential treatment centers claim to offer privacy while they are actually located in typical houses on standard residential lots facing public streets. If you are considering another treatment center, learn how much private land surrounds their luxury treatment facility, and how much of it is within view of public streets and neighbors.


Highly Experienced in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Summit Malibu’s world class therapists have decades of experience treating the many dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders that often accompany chemical dependency, such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Other treatment centers accept dual diagnosis clients but may not have the long-term experience required to treat these complex and demanding issues. If you are considering another treatment center, find out how much clinical experience their therapists have actually treating dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders.


Personal Experience


Summit Malibu is owner-operated by people committed to helping other people, not by a corporation focused on continually increasing profits.

The owners and directors of Summit Malibu are long-standing members of the recovery community, and many are in recovery themselves. If you are considering another treatment center, ask them if their business is owned by people involved in the day-to-day operation of the program, or by a distant, profit-driven corporation.

One-on-One Treatment

Fewer residents means more individualized care.

Summit Malibu’s residential center is limited to 6 clients, allowing us to provide individualized treatment to each and every client.

By maintaining one of the lowest client-to-staff ratios in the industry, we are able to customize treatment according to the specific needs of the individual, rather than having to impose a generalized, cookie-cutter treatment onto a large group. One-on-one therapy sessions are a big part of our care, assuring that the client’s needs are met. If you are considering another treatment center, find out how many clients in total they can accommodate and what their client-to-staff ratio is when their facility is full.


Over 80 Hours of Therapy per Client, per Month


Summit Malibu clients receive more than 80 hours of therapy per month, personally conducted by Doctorate and Masters level therapists – a standard that most other treatment centers fail to achieve.

Other treatment centers claim to provide high-level therapy, but in actual practice, their therapy sessions are often conducted by non-degreed counselors working “under the supervision of a therapist”.

If you are considering another treatment center, find out how often their therapy sessions are personally conducted by Doctorate and Masters level therapists and how many individual sessions they offer each client, each week.

Cutting Edge, Evidence Based, Scientifically Proven Treatment

Summit Malibu provides the most current, evidence based, scientifically proven treatment available for chemical dependency and dual diagnosis disorders.

Our program is fully integrated with the most effective treatment modalities available including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Biofeedback, EMDR, Life Skills, Relapse Prevention, and much, much more. If you are considering another treatment center, find out if their treatment modalities are current, evidence based, and scientifically proven to be effective for your specific issues.


Truly Holistic Program That Treats Body, Mind, and Spirit


Summit Malibu offers a holistic program based on the belief that we are treating the whole person and not just a collection of symptoms and problems.

Our program includes medically supervised detoxification for physical symptoms, psychotherapeutic counseling for mental and emotional distress, and optional practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Boxing, Art Therapy, Equine Therapy, and 12-Step Groups for the spirit.

If you are considering another treatment center, ask them if their program is truly holistic, or if they require their clients to adhere to limited programs such as an “addiction cure”.