Don Peake

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Don moved to the Los Angeles area in the early 70’s with his wife Pam. Following 40+ year in the concert touring industry (representing both Artists and Promoters alike) he & Pam recently semi-retired in the city of Moorpark. Don brings with him a wealth of professional and personal life experiences. For the past 6 years Don has enjoyed working in the treatment field both in the Thousand Oaks area and now Malibu.

Don draws from his own personal experience in recovery sharing with clients offering compassion and encouragement during their time in treatment and beyond. He very much enjoys giving back to a program which has given so much to him.

When not at Summit Malibu you’ll find Don at family functions near Moorpark including his grandkids sporting & school event and if not there, crawling under some car fixing something or other (smile)