How Exercise Helps Addiction Recovery

The road to addiction recovery is lined with peaks and valleys, but when you follow that path by combining physical exercise and addiction recovery, your journey will not only lead to sobriety but will also include a new healthy lifestyle. Nutrition and exercise in addiction recovery can ease the complications that may arise and help your recovery become a permanent reality.

How Does Exercise Help Addiction Recovery?

When you exercise vigorously, your body produces endorphins that mimic the high you once felt. Sometimes referred to as a “runner’s high,” this feeling may not be as intense as what you once felt through drug use, but it is certainly a lot healthier.

In addition to weight control and overall better health, adding nutrition and exercise into your addiction recovery process can also help by:

  • Filling your days
  • Focusing on the present as you work out
  • Getting better sleep
  • Minimizing negative side effects of recovery such as anxiety, depression, and frustration
  • Releasing pent-up emotions

Types of Exercise for Addiction Recovery

Any type of physical activity is good. Short walks throughout the day can keep you motivated, help clear the mind, and even get you through a rough patch or a time of frustration. You can also match your exercise to your current needs. Summit Malibu offers a variety of excellent activities to suit each person’s situation.

  • Yoga: Strengthen your core and center yourself through proper breathing and meditation.
  • Gym Workout: Combine cardio and strengthening exercises to keep you focused.
  • Equine Therapy: This is not just trail riding—equine therapy will strengthen your core and enhance social recovery.
  • Swimming: One of the best whole-body exercises, swimming can rejuvenate the body and soul.
  • Boxing: “Fight” against those trapped emotions and frustrations with a round or two of boxing.
  • Beach Walks/Runs: A barefoot walk along the beach can ground you as you get your needed exercise.

Recovery is not easy, but at Summit Malibu we strive to create the optimum recovery program for you and make it as comfortable and rewarding as possible. If you have questions or concerns about yourself or a loved one, and would like some more information about our admissions process, please contact us today.