Effective Ways to Cope with Emotional and Mental Health Problems

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When you are struggling with anxiety, depression, and a myriad of other mental health issues, you may feel out of control. Summit Malibu can help you with your disorder diagnosis, while also providing tips on coping with emotional and mental health problems. It is not about making the problems go away but learning how to react to them in a positive way.

Aim For Contentment

Sometimes the problem is that people set their mental health bar much too high, thinking that constant elation and happiness means you are well-adjusted and successful. Aim for contentment, that inner peace that tells you that you are in the right place at the right time. Simple abundance is the key to a contented life, and these 15 simple tips can help you achieve it.

    1. Identify your triggers – Understand the people, places, stimuli, events that set you off.
    2. Improve your communication skills – Practice how you respond to triggers.
    3. Refine your reactions – Don’t change you, change how you react.
    4. Take your time – Analyze a situation before you react.
    5. Practice mindfulness – Be in the moment.
    6. Develop stress management techniques – Make them second nature so you don’t even have to think about using them, they just come naturally.
    7. Avoid toxicity – Stay away from people and situations that are negative to you. It’s ok to be choosy; quality over quantity.
    8. Embrace gratitude – Every day be thankful for the little things—being able to tie your shoes, having food in your refrigerator, seeing the smile of a loved one.
    9. Find balance – Calculate what works best for you in work, play, love, and life.
    10. Review your life – Does it have meaning to you? If not, what needs to change?
    11. Roll with it – Be resilient and flexible and accept things as they are, not as you imagined they would be. Life throws curveballs.
    12. Be active – A healthy life can lead to contentment.
    13. Do Good – Volunteer, help a neighbor, perform random acts of kindness.
    14. Be creative – Draw, paint, color, write, bake, landscape—whatever it is, you are adding beauty to the world.
    15. Reflect, don’t ruminate – Consider a situation, determine the positive and the negative, make a plan of what you can do differently next time, and then move on.

These ideas will not make mental health disorders go away, but they may help you feel more balanced and prepared to handle challenging situations, leaving you less likely to spin into a negative state. They may be helpful in coping with emotional and mental health problems.

The treatment programs at Summit Malibu can help you plan a route to recovery that is customized to your needs. Please contact us today for more information about our beautiful facilities, programs, activities, staff, and any other questions you may have.