Kaci Ingarfill, Clinician Assistant and Group Facilitator

Kaci has a strong passion of helping others and overcoming their battle of addiction. She herself has fought addiction and overcame it by staying active in her recovery. With the willingness to help others she decided to attend Oxnard College to study addiction disorders. She is currently registered with CAADE (California Association for Alcohol/ Drug Educators) and will be a level 1 certified addictions treatment counselor (CATC1) in December through CAADE. She has a talent of getting others to open up about trials they have faced in their addiction and enjoys helping guide them with tools for when they leave treatment. Kaci teaches clients about relapse prevention, stress management, breaking habits, nutrition and styles of unhealthy thinking. She enjoys working with clients on the ground floor as well as facilitating groups around relevant and important topics relating to underlying triggers, family history and goals for our futures in recovery.