Becca Zimble, Director of Marketing/Admissions/Utilization Review/Aftercare Planning

Becca is an LA native.  She is passionate about helping people see a new way of life.  She studied Psychology, Communication and Biological Sciences in college and takes her own experience in recovery into the field when communicating the benefits of treatment for long term success with families and clients. She works in congruence with the Clinical and Medical departments to ensure stellar client care and aftercare. She knows that each individual’s recovery looks different and the road to self-discovery is inevitably the most powerful one of all. Her experience in the marketing field coupled with her ability to relate to each step of the treatment process gives her a unique perspective on the ever changing recovery world, the difficult stigma’s surrounding medication and dual diagnosis, and the evolving therapeutic and holistic techniques associated with addiction. She is the direct liaison between clients and the insurance, which gives her a direct connection to their length of time at Summit. As the aftercare coordinator, Becca works closely with therapists to devise a strategic plan for next step in clients’ recovery and works with several outpatient programs to ensure a cohesive clinical and structural continuation of the foundation created at Summit. Becca also oversees the Yoga and Meditation program at Summit involving special events and weekly practices. Becca enjoys spending one on one time with clients and believes in the power of community to heal our past and move confidently into the future. Becca is also a Yoga and Meditation instructor outside of Summit and loves all ocean activities.